25 Jun 2020 google server, or it doesn't respond, check that you can reach the Google Public DNS servers using command-line diagnostics. Type google.com  Alternatively, you can configure KeepSolid SmartDNS on your Chromecast. It also provides access to geo-blocked content, but doesn't encrypt traffic, so your  When the first ChromeCast was launched, no SDK was available. mDNS/DNS- SD are server-less hostname and service discovery protocols (as is SSDP), but  15 Feb 2019 Paul Vixie, creator of a critical internet technology, told us why he's mad at Google after using Chromecast on his home network. 2 Feb 2018 Setup OverPlay SmartDNS: Google Chromecast Next you will have to block Google DNS at router level as the Chromecast is programmed to 

5 Oct 2014 There are ways to make Chromecast and Netflix think it is located in the US. One of these ways is smart DNS. I use Smart DNS Proxy for this.

10 Oct 2017 If Chromecast is blocking Netflix then the issue might be with hardcoded DNS in Chromecast. Here's how to bypass Chromecast DNS and cast 

Block Chromecast from using Public DNS Servers Chromecast is hard-coded to use Google's DNS servers. The good news is if you block access to Google's DNS, it falls back to the DNS servers configured on your router (ours!). See the instructions here: Block

Avant de pouvoir utiliser un chromecast avec un iPhone ou un iPad il vous faudra avoir le minimum : un chromecast, une télévision et un iPhone ou iPad, évidemment. Télé Loisirs vous explique